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Kickstarter Project, Our Own Mistress, Update: The Samples

Our Own Mistress

I finally did it.

I registered my samples with the US Copyright Office, and am ready to post them to my campaign.

If you are working on your own Kickstarter project or other crowdfunding campaign, I highly recommend you protect your work in the same way. Most of us just want to freely share our ideas, but we live in a world in which everyone is not always honest.

Be safe, ya’ll.

You can find my written samples on my Fiction Samples page, and the audiobook introduction will be available on Kickstarter when the campaign officially begins. However, if you would like to hear the audio before then, just contact me.

Kickstarter Project, Our Own Mistress, Update: London

Our Own Mistress

A large portion of the funding I am requesting is for one week in London as part of researching and completing my novel.

Why London? 

The city is more than the novel’s setting. The people, their cultures and subcultures, and even the geography play a significant part in the story. I visited London years ago while studying in France. I have become so fascinated by the city and it so inspired me that there was no other place I could have imagined setting this story.

Why travel?

Yes, I could sit in front of a computer and research the city, estimate where things would occur, etc. That is not enough for me, however. I am striving to make this novel genuine, inspired by real people and places, and I can only do that if I am present in the location.

One reason I have struggled to finish this work is that I have been unable to afford returning in order to get a better “feel” for the city, and go beyond common tourism.

London, for me, is an essential part of this Kickstarter project, one that, I hope, you will be willing to help me complete.

Support Fellow Kickstarter Projects

As I build this Kickstarter project of mine, I try to remain realistic; there are too many projects out there to count, and many of them have something great to offer.

In an effort to show my support, I’m going to post some of them here, and do so regularly. I hope that, in some small way, I’ll help someone’s dream become a reality, even if my Kickstarter project doesn’t turn out the way I hope.

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Kickstarter Project, Our Own Mistress: Preparations

Our Own Mistress

So, one thing I have realized in preparing for this Kickstarter project for my novel, Our Own Mistress, is that copyrighting as much as possible is a must to be safe.

Sure, the likelihood that someone would want to steal my writing is not terribly high, but you never know. Most of us in the creative world merely want to share ideas and have no interest in stealing anyone else’s hard work. But, we know that all it takes is one bad apple to ruin the bunch.

I have already submitted the sample segments I intend to make available to the United States Copyright Office. Though official records can take months to update, assuming I filled in the forms correctly, the site reported that my stuff should be safe under copyright almost immediately.

If you have work out there that you want to publish in any way, or if you are starting up a Kickstarter project, I highly recommend you do the same. Be safe, y’all.

More updates coming soon.

Kickstarter Project Info. Part I: The Novel

Our Own Mistress

I have always been a writer. I won’t bore you with the struggle I’ve had with my mind and imagination, but I have always been drawn to creative storytelling.

A few years ago I experienced some intimate interactions that left me with new discoveries about myself. I became fascinated with the ways in which power exchanges and pain affect not only our sexual lives, but our personal ones. I have also studied sexuality for over a decade, particularly “deviant” sexuality, and so I was able to explore these things in detail, thanks to academia.

My Kickstarter project, my novel Our Own Mistress, is a labor of love for me. Though it is a heavily erotic novel, it is not erotica. I poured a lot of myself and my understanding of certain sexuality and gender related taboos in this puritanical, patriarchal world. It is inspired by real people, real relationships, and a very real, misunderstood, and misrepresented culture.

The story revolves around a young woman who has always struggled with her submissiveness. To put it bluntly, she has always been a doormat. Due to choices she made under duress, she finds herself alone, and a foreigner in London. Then, just when things appear to be at their worst, she is subjected to violence. However, this violent encounter leads her to the people who, through some “unusual” means, help her realize her strength.

In this novel, I attempt to explore many things I have witnessed and experienced:

  • LGBTQA Relationships and Exploration
  • BDSM Relationships
  • Gender Roles and Identity
  • Social and Cultural Misrepresentation
  • Feminism
  • Surviving Abuse/Assault

Due to the nature of this story, the novel contains graphic sex and violence.

I know it is not easy to fund a work of fiction; there are many, many people out there with good ideas and the ability to bring them to life. It is also not easy to fund a novel with sexual content without it being considered erotica, or “fluff.” Ultimately, none of that matters. This story has filled my head for too long now; it needs to be told.

For glimpses of this novel’s content, visit the Fiction Samples page of this site. Or, email me via the Contact page. I also have an audio recording of the book’s introduction available.

Coming Soon: Kickstarter Project Info. Part II: London


Photo property of Erin Dunbar. Copyright 2016.

Kickstarter Project: Our Own Mistress

I have been working on my fiction projects for a long time now, and I am finally making efforts to focus on one, finish it, and publish it with the help of a Kickstarter project.

In the near future, I will be opening a project on Kickstarter to fund the research needed to complete the novel, register and copyright, print, and ship the novel.

Our Own Mistress

Our Own Mistress is a novel about power, sex, and how people find their balance of both.

For more information on the novel, my plans, and participating in the Kickstarter project, just send me a message on my Contact page, or via any of my available social media accounts. I have samples of the novel available; I even have an audio recording of the book’s introduction.


Photo property of Erin Dunbar. Copyright 2016.

Am I Ill, or Just a Writer?

You probably do not want to be inside my head. It’s incredibly strange and confusing, and sometimes downright disturbing. But, in order to make this post comprehensible, I need to give you give you some idea of what happens.

I could be doing anything; I could be working (which usually involves copy writing or proposal writing), housework, watching television, shopping, or even driving. All the while, there are things happening in my mind. Like all normal people, I may be thinking various thoughts, working out problems, or planning.

Then, something happens. I’m never aware of when it begins, only when it ends, usually abruptly.

I start to hear voices. Yes, voices. No, they aren’t usually talking to me and telling me to do things. These voices are like transmissions from some other place, time, or world. They are going about their own lives and days, and I’m just experiencing it through them.

The voices get louder the more I ignore them. If I am particularly busy, I have to find a way to drown them out. Usually, I turn on the television and let something play in the background, something I know well and can drift to from time to time. I cannot do that forever, though. Because the longer I go without paying attention to these voices, the harder it gets to ignore them.

So, eventually, I let them take over.

I wish I could adequately describe what it’s like, but nothing I could say would do so. The best analogy I can give you is like being in the midst of your favorite film, not merely watching it, but living it, sans cameras, a part of the action, or at least an internal observer. The real world disappears and is replaced by something else. I stand where they stand, the sources of those voices. I listen, I follow them, I feel their emotions. Sometimes, they communicate with me, and I speak with them, and together we experience their lives so that I may use them as a writer.

Anyone watching me do this would think I’m a completely insane person walking around and talking to myself.

You may be thinking, “Cool, it sounds like you have an extremely vivid imagination.” In the mildest moments, yes, that is true.

But, there are some problems.

When I said these voices get louder and harder to ignore, I meant that I have little real control over them. And, sometimes, I am transported whether I want to be or not.

When I was little, I had a hard time socializing. I don’t recall much, but what I do recall is vivid, and much of it I now know could not be real. I have been told that others were confused by me and couldn’t relate because I would mentally disappear, and then I would speak to them in ways and with words that made no sense to them. I, quite literally, was not living in the real world, and, apparently, more than what was normal for a child.

I have been told that some school administrators or teachers thought I had high functioning autism (that was the phrase at the time). They wanted to put me in special education, but my parents refused. As a result, I learned to adapt on my own, and it was not an easy thing to do.

I have never really stopped being the “weird girl.”

It would be many years before I would accept who I was and find a place for myself. I did, however. I am very introverted, but more than capable of handling social situations, though they make me extremely uncomfortable. I say I have a knack for acting, and that it’s unfortunate I haven’t had the chance to test that on the stage.

I put my mental oddities to use in higher education. I have degrees in the humanities, and I have been told that I am a good teacher (there’s that acting, again). I have put my skills as a writer to use in the workforce, and I have even managed a full-time job as a writer working from home.

Some things have not changed, however. While on the surface I appear to function as a normal member of society, the truth comes out when I have to interact intimately with anyone.

After a little while, it becomes clear to people who try to know me that I’m not quite “normal” (I hate that term for many reasons, but it is relevant at the moment). To a lot of people, I’m not quite “all there.” I “zone out” when people are speaking, making me seem rude and inattentive. I go on about things they find odd, or don’t understand, or about which they just don’t care. I sometimes reveal more in conversation than is socially acceptable. I don’t communicate with people regularly, basically disappearing for periods of time. My moods are unstable, and I sometimes overreact to circumstances because my mind associates them with something else, something that no one else can know. I’m obsessive about things that, again, people do not really understand, or necessarily appreciate.

All in all, I’m not an easy person to get along with. That’s not to say I am rude, abrasive, or uncaring. I endeavor to always be open-minded, and if someone bothers to be friendly to me, I am certainly going to try and be there for them (sometimes even for those who are not friendly to me). How can I not be, when I have spent so much of my life struggling to be liked and accepted?

What am I? Do I have a genuine mental illness or disorder? Or, am I just eccentric, overly imaginative, or crazy? Are all creative minds like this?

I don’t know, and, frankly, I don’t care.

I don’t have many friends or attend parties, I’m alone a lot, and I’m fine with that. What friends I do have are very good ones, and alone I can be who I am with complete freedom.

I don’t have children, and it is highly unlikely that I ever will. Again, that is not a problem. I don’t have a maternal instinct or desire, and I don’t have a mind that could cope well with having a child to care for.

I’m 30 and unmarried, and am not necessarily close to being married. However, I’m not without a romantic history, both painful and happy, and though I would like to marry someday, I do not consider it a necessity.

I believe that I was made this way because I have something to do. I don’t yet know what that is. I hope it involves writing something relevant.

Because, whatever anyone else may say, I am a writer. That’s all that matters.