Bus. Insider: Plus-size Target customers angry.

Target is under fire after revealing that plus sizes of its highly-anticipated Lilly Pulitzer clothing line will not be available in stores.

Target does it again!

Not long ago, one of their Web Developers, probably bored out of his or her mind, decided to name the plus-size counterpart of a grey dress “manatee grey,” and forgot to change it before the listing went live

That seems the most likely scenario, anyway.  

Now, Target  won’t be putting the plus-size versions of the newest line in stores, once again forcing big lady customers to shop without being able to try the clothing on. 

It’s frustrating. Target generally appears to be a size-friendly store; it’s one of the few that offers more than your average flowered or black tent for plus-size customers. But, it has fallen into the trap of forcing buyers to shop online, as many companies do. 

I rarely shop offline for that very reason. There are clothiers I love that offer larger sizes, but only online, thereby forcing chubby ol’ me to pay for shipping just to try on clothing. It can be infuriating, which is why I understand the reaction. 

Come on, Target. It’s not like you offer that much plus-size clothing to begin with. Would it kill you to add a few 1, 2, and 3xs to the racks? No. In fact, it would probably boost your sales.