Bustle: American Women’s Body Image…

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As most of you are probably aware, the United States has something of a body image problem. In a culture where it’s a big frickin’ deal for a Lanvin ad campaign to imply that models actually eat every once in a while, it probably won’t come as a big shock to find that, according to a recent Psych Guides survey, American women have worse body images than the rest of the globe. It may not be surprising, but it is pretty depressing.

I don’t know if I believe we are entirely the worst, but I suppose it’s possible.

I certainly understand the belly hatred; mine has grown significantly over the years, even in times of weight loss it seemed to be the one thing that refused to slim down. Now, after a bad period in my life, during which I gained a large chunk of weight rather rapidly, it has noticeable stretchmarks. I struggle not to hate these the most, and what I see on a day-to-day basis doesn’t help.

Not only are most stretchmarks (occurring on everyone) photoshopped from pictures, but have you ever noticed that when they’re celebrated, it’s almost always in connection to motherhood? It makes me feel as though I don’t need to be ashamed of mine only if they’re the result of pregnancy.

I put it to the community devoted to changing body image and acceptance; that’s something we need to work on.


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