BuzzFeed: Thoughts Introverts Have At Parties

“So…when can I go back home?”

“Alright, let’s find the most isolated couch here.”

“Time to do the conversation!”

“OK…this is starting to get draining.”

They missed something, though. When we introverts finally make contact and find a way to engage with others, many of us have moment at which we realize that we have been oversharing as a result of intense social anxiety and the exhaustion it causes. Sometimes it’s immediate, and other times it happens much later. 

It never ceases to amaze me how difficult it is for some people to understand introversion. I am constantly encountering people who assume that because I can generally function socially, I must not be very introverted. 

Of course, I also struggle with being a very specific sort of person whom many people find “weird.” I can’t change who and what I am, though, so introversion serves as some protection from awkwardness and straightforward bullying, of which I have experienced more than my fair share. 

I like to see these little “articles.” It’s good to have ways of explaining these things to others that are simple and non-judgmental, as well as humorous. It’s better that we find ways to laugh at ourselves and not feel as though we’re being made fun of; it leads to understanding and acceptance.