The Daily Beast: New Year’s Diets Will Fail

It may be the most ubiquitous resolution of them all, but losing weight for good is a losing battle for almost all of us—and it’s not even a surefire way to get healthy.

Good ol’ Linda Bacon weighs in on this one.

I firmly believe that losing weight should not be the issue; we should be gaining self-acceptance and better health. We should be learning to love our bodies as they were made, not molding them into what someone else thinks they should be. That is such an important step toward overall health and well-being.

My New Year’s Resolutions, if anyone’s interested, are:

  1. Continue working to like myself as I am, fat and all.
  2. Continue striving to be healthy and happy.
  3. Continue trying to find time and means to do all the things I truly love and want to do.
  4. Continue searching for the career path that will lead me to where I want to be.