Herpes! Woo Hoo!

Meet the woman who tells everyone, ‘I have genital herpes’

Have I got your attention?

OKCupid’s questionnaire asks if you’d be willing to date someone who has herpes. There’s a separate question for cold sores, even though they’re the same virus.

The Overblown Stigma of Genital Herpes


I’ve long thought that the stigma is stupid.

Herpes is one of the most common STIs in existence. Studies show that if you’ve had more than one partner your chances of having been exposed are very, very high, whether or not you’ve contracted it.

Herpes is not generally dangerous, just really annoying. Most people don’t even know they have it. And yet, we make it out to be a joke and shame people for having it, when all they did was have sex like the rest of us. Because, guess what? Even condoms aren’t a foolproof barrier against it.


I’m pretty sure the percentages of people with some form of herpes is much higher than what these articles are saying, but no matter.

It exists, and people have it; get over it!