Justice for Cecil the Lion

Cecil the lion – the most famous creature in one of Zimbabwe’s national parks – was killed by an American hunter who has boasted about shooting a menagerie of animals with his bow and arrow, The Telegraph can reveal.

I will never understand the desire to “hunt” this way.

I do not consider luring and trapping an animal, and then shooting it, hunting. That is not hunting. That is just cruelty.

I am a Southwestern, Texan, rancher’s daughter. I understand hunting. I understand protecting livestock by reducing (but not eliminating) predatory threats. I understand preserving the landscape by keeping the wild grazer population under control. I understand consuming what you kill as food.

I do not understand killing for pleasure.

This is pleasure in killing. It’s greed for the money that the animal’s pelt and such will make.

It’s wrong. It’s disturbing. I will never understand it.