Kickstarter Project, Our Own Mistress, Update: London

Our Own Mistress

A large portion of the funding I am requesting is for one week in London as part of researching and completing my novel.

Why London? 

The city is more than the novel’s setting. The people, their cultures and subcultures, and even the geography play a significant part in the story. I visited London years ago while studying in France. I have become so fascinated by the city and it so inspired me that there was no other place I could have imagined setting this story.

Why travel?

Yes, I could sit in front of a computer and research the city, estimate where things would occur, etc. That is not enough for me, however. I am striving to make this novel genuine, inspired by real people and places, and I can only do that if I am present in the location.

One reason I have struggled to finish this work is that I have been unable to afford returning in order to get a better “feel” for the city, and go beyond common tourism.

London, for me, is an essential part of this Kickstarter project, one that, I hope, you will be willing to help me complete.