NPR: New Report Ranks Top Diets Of 2015

And when it comes to paleo, or the caveman diet, the verdict is that eating the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors did is not very realistic.

Aaah, diets.

Let’s see, what diets have I done in my time? Hmmm…

  • Slimfast
  • Low-to-No-Carb
  • 2,000 Calories
  • 1,500 Calories
  • 800 Calories
  • Any of the above calorie limits combined with a minimum of one hour of exercise. 
  • Four Small Meals a Day
  • The Diet Journal
  • Weight Watchers
  • One of those diets in which they deliver food to you. Oh my God, that was the worst. 

What did those diets do for me? 

Well, the food delivery system gave me terrible gas. I was nearly fainting every day during the calorie restrictions. I was exhausted going to the gym for hours every day. The Slimfast diet caused some cholesterol problems, and the doctor told me to “stop, now.” The low carb diet made me dream and obsess about bread of all kinds; I would have killed for a simple slice of bread.

I lost weight during all of them.

I gained even more the moment I stopped them.  

The most important thing was that I was miserable for every single moment of every single diet. No matter how much weight I was losing, no matter how thin I was, I was miserable. If I lost one pound, I wondered why I didn’t lose two. I was obsessed with the ups and downs, with food and when I’d get to eat next. The weight loss was not a joy or an accomplishment as it was supposed to be.

I have no desire to be terribly unhealthy, and I know where my faults lie. But my life with not be about denying myself things; it will be about the opposite.