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Jezebel: Feminist Mad Max

Guess what’s got my large intestine in a septic knot today, MANmerica? The extreme pussification and dude-slicing feminism that has taken Mad Max: Fury Road—a movie that should have been about two greased up male torsos in a UFC fight on the back of on a loud motorcycle—into a crotch-kicking misandrist fantasy starring some dyke named Furiosa who doesn’t even show us her tits. THE BETAFICATION OF AMERICA CONTINUES. MAD MAX HAS BEEN RUINED.

This article is so awesome I’m not going to add to it.


Everyday Feminism

Do you like, as a woman, being able to own property? Do you like having a job, and the possibility of being in a lead position, or holding a position of major power? Do you like having the choice to marry and bear children, or not?

Everyday feminism allows these things. If you say you’re not a feminist, but you like all these things, you need to go back and take a good, long look at feminism again.

My Life Would Not Be Possible Without Feminism

So when Nicki Minaj, Shailene Woodley and Carrie Underwood are not sure if they are so “extreme” as to be feminists, I would suggest that they have another look at the string of diamonds, the mansion or the record contract that drives their privileged lifestyle and ask themselves if they would like to have all that freedom and independence transferred to their father or their brother, because women shouldn’t own property, they should be property. Your choice. And that alone, having the choice, is feminism.